Tracking Links for your campaign

Why use tracking links?

Establishing tracking links will let us find out more info about which sources of traffic convert well and which ones don't.

This gives us the ability to put more emphasis (more gas on the fire so to speak) on things that are working for our campaign.

It isn't required, but it is helpful.

How to:

You should have been given a base link that ends with ‘?track=xxxxx'

All you need to do to create a new link is to replace the ‘xxxxx' with some characters that make sense to you but don't include spaces or the quotes


So suppose you decide to post in a telegram chat, you might use ‘track=TGgroupname‘

By placing the ‘TG' at the front, then in the reporting, when sorting alphabetically, all the telegram links would appear together.

Similarly, facebook ads might be ‘FBad1'

You might also be using influencers, it would be great to be able to see whether they're really sending traffic to our campaign and how much, and whether their traffic converts.

Make sense?

What if I don't?

That's ok, it is much easier to share “go to” when speaking to someone or posting quickly, but we won't get detailed data to analyze.

More traffic without tracking is better than not getting the leads 🙂