Round One of the Quantum Miami is complete!

Thank you to all the competitors who submitted their pitches for the event.

If you haven’t yet submitted: Anyone can still submit their project for free and our internal team will still look at the deal. Startups can still choose to pay the entry fee of $495, which includes 2 All-Access passes (value of $990). In addition to the All-Access passes, you will get your project listed and digital pitch recording posted on the Quantum Miami website.

However, the opportunity to compete during the live event has been closed. All the existing entrants' pitches are currently being evaluated by investors and the Top 10 finalists will be selected and announced Monday, January 23.


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You are now eligible to reserve your spot in the Quantum Miami pitch competition.

Qualification Round - Digital Days

The first round of the competition will be hosted on a digital stage (Zoom) during one of the live sessions taking place during the first two weeks of January. There is a $495 entry fee to guarantee your spot and eliminate potential degens.

As a special incentive for startups, all pitch participants receive 2 complimentary All-Access Pass tickets for the event, which means free admission... no extra fees! You'll get 2 free tickets just to participate in the pitch competition!

What's included:

  • Digital Pitch Event
  • Deck Review
  • 2 All-Access Pass tickets to event
  • Your project/startup promoted on
  • Video footage of your digital pitch
  • Opportunity to Pitch at the Main Event
  • Opportunity to win the Grand Prize

Competition Round - Event Day 1

If selected to move forward in the process, you'll be one of 10 participants who will pitch live at the event on the James L. Knight Center stage in front of thousands of people!

The participation fee for the final round of participants is only $995, and also includes two more All-Access Pass tickets to the conference OR one VIP Pass... again, you get instant value and extra tickets for your participation.

As a bonus, all 10 participants will receive private coaching, deal and deck analysis, as well as support to syndicate your deals with potential investors leading into the event and in the future.

During Day 1 of the event, all 10 participants will pitch on the Main Stage to compete for one of 3 coveted spots in the final round in front of all the attendees!

What's included:

  • Main Stage Pitch Event
  • Live Mentorship of your Deck and Pitch
  • 2 ADDITIONAL All-Access Tickets OR 1 VIP Ticket (your choice!)
  • Your project/startup promoted to thousands of live event attendees
  • Video footage of your Main Stage Pitch
  • Opportunity to Advance to Final Round on Day 2
  • Opportunity to Win the Grand Prize!

Final Round - Event Day 2

The final round will consist of an intensive competition as only 3 participants will be pitching a live panel of investors who will ultimately decide which deal they like best and declare a Grand Prize winner!

The investors may decide to invest at their sole discretion and are not obligated in any way to fund projects or deals.

This is your chance to showcase your project and potentially win the Grand Prize for a trip to Abu Dhabi! To finalize your entry and secure your spot in the competition, please click the button below to process your entry fee now before all the spots are taken.

Good luck!

To finalize your entry and secure your spot in the competition, please click the button below to process your entry fee