La Mallorquina

Soft Opening Menu

La Mallorquina is a restaurant in San Juan, Puerto Rico that specializes in the preparation of Puerto Rican and Spanish food, particularly the cuisine of Palma de Mallorca, such as asopao, gazpacho, arroz con pollo, paella and flan. It was inaugurated in 1848 and has been administered by the Rojos family since 1900 and some historians claim that La Mallorquina is the first food establishment in Puerto Rico.

The original owners of the restaurant, Antonio Vidal Llinás and others, came from Palma de Mallorca, Spain; That's why they called their restaurant La Mallorquina, which translated into English means "the woman of Mallorca". The first elected governor of Puerto Rico, Luis Muñoz Marín, is one of the famous people who have visited the restaurant.


Ensalada Verde $12
(organic greens, tomatoes, cucumber, red onions, mushrooms, local white
cheese, choice of dressing: ranch, vinaigrette, balsamic, blue cheese)

Ensalada Cesar $14
(hearts of romaine, parmesan cheese, Caesar dressing, herb croutons)

La Mallorquina Specialties

Paella prepared with Spanish rice, saffron and brandy $18 / $26 / $18
(Chicken $18 / Seafood $26 / Vegetable $18)

Churrasco Encebollado $22
(Prime beef skirt steak prepared with sauteed onions served with 1 side)

Pechuga al Ajillo $19
(Grilled chicken breast with garlic sauce served with 1 side)

Pescado del Dia MP
(Fish of the day, choice of Tomato & Onions Criolla Sauce, Caper Sauce or
Garlic al Ajillo Sauce, served with 1 side)

Coliflor a la Parrilla $18
(Grilled Cauliflower Steak with Goat Cheese and spinach with olive oil and
sauteed vegetables)


White Rice & Pink Beans / Mamposteao Rice / French Fries / Yuca-Potato Mash /
Sauteed Vegetables / Fried Plantains (amarillos o tostones) / Small Salad $6 each


Coconut Flan / Chocolate Cake / Crema Catalana (similar to creme brule) $8 each

Breakfast @ La Mallorquina

The Continental $14
(assorted pastries, seasonal fruit, sided with Greek yogurt and granola)

Seasonal Fruit Bowl $10
(served with honey and Greek yogurt)

Creamy Oatmeal $8
(prepared with milk, brown sugar and cinnamon)

Torrija $15
(caramelized French toast with maple syrup & berry compote)

Tortilla de Patata $10
(confit potatoes & onions omelet)

Salmon Lox $14
(smoked salmon, toasted bagel, capers, red onion, hard-boiled egg, cream cheese, and sliced tomato)

2 Eggs your way $15
(served with your choice of chorizo, ham, sausage or bacon; breakfast potatoes & toast)

2 Poached Eggs $15
on Sourdough Toast with sautéed spinach with olive oil, salt & pepper

3 Egg White Omelet $16
(with avocado, spinach, and feta cheese. Sided with grilled sourdough and mixed greens)

Mediterranean Omelet $16
(with roasted red peppers, onions, ham & Manchego cheese)

Avocado & Iberico Toast $16
(with poached eggs & tomato remoulade)

Mallorca Egg Sandwich $14
(cheddar cheesy omelet and grilled ham on sliced mallorca, optional dusted with powder)

Sides $7
Bacon, Ham or Sausage
Breakfast Potatoes
Sauteed Spinach

Build your Own Mofongo:

Choose a Base
- Mashed Green Plantain
- Mashed Sweet Plantain
- Mashed Yuca (Casava)
Choose a Protein
- Beef Strips $16
- Chicken $14
- Shrimp $18
Choose a Sauce
- Garlic Scampi (al Ajillo)
- Beef & Tomato Sauce with Onions (a la Criolla)