Want to pitch your startup at the BizFamous Pitch Competition, at BREATHE! in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas Convention Center | May 3-5, 2023


Showcasing the latest INNOVATIONS

Bringing together the BRIGHTEST MINDS

  • Take part in the first Web3-powered pitch competition, live at BREATHE!, the genesis of Web3 adoption
  • BizFamous, in coordination with BREATHE!, will be hosting a live, Shark Tank-style pitch competition, complete with VCs judging competitors, and phenomenal prizes that are designed with startups in mind
  • BREATHE! Convention is the best way for you to gain valuable media attention and VC interest as you promote your current project. We want you to show us how your project is advancing the Web3 space!

Want to pitch your startup at the BizFamous Pitch Competition, at BREATHE! live?




Bringing the power and utility of Web3 straight into the palm of your hands. With the latest tools and innovations in this space, creating a native Web3 experience that is accessible from the moment you register to attend.

Working with some game changing projects to integrate instant and frictionless systems that show the revolutionary power of Web3 throughout the convention experience. Whether you’re an attendee, participant, exhibitor, or sponsor, your ability to take on true Web3 education, experience, and entertainment is unmatched with the BREATHE! Convention.

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The Brightest STARS

BREATHE! showcases a collection of the most impactful SME (Subject Matter Experts), Collectors, Investors, Start-ups, Developers, and Enthusiasts in the universe.

BREATHE! Is the largest IRL event that is committed to giving the greatest platform to the growing WBCDMN community.

The Nebula of NEWS

Get groundbreaking news, coverage, and highlights from BREATHE! in the news

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